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Welcome to Air Tec Company's web site. Air Tec has been a Rep/Wholesale Distributor in the HVAC field since 1967. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our business.
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  • We fill both the Manufacturer's Rep resentative role, and are a STOCKING wholesale Distributor, serving Western Washington, Eastern Washington, parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska.
  • We have several Sales and parts technicians with over 30 years experience, to help you with commercial HVAC needs from large to small.
  • We cover most all forms of applications and jobs, the bid spec market, bidder design, and the quick turn jobs. Any of our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help you in any HVAC endeavor.
  • Some of our lines:



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American Coolair / ILG



Climate Master

Pioneers in The Industry


oThe core members of DCA were pioneering dehumidification technology going all the way back to 1979.


oFounded in 1995, DCA is totally dedicated to dehumidification. This specialized field is best served by a company who's primary mission is that of solving every conceivable dehumidification challenge. Dehumidifier Corporation of America takes pride in offering the best possible product line incorporating the latest proven technology at the most competitive price in the industry.
oThere are no assembly lines at DCA.  Each dehumidifier system is designed for your specific application; fabricated and built one at a time by highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.
The DCA Humidifier Systems can help all the new indoor growing facilities meet the new FDA mold regulations.

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